Introduction: Teaching about Marco Polo. Below are readings and primary source material on Marco Polo and his travels in China during the Yuan dynasty.

Marco Polo and his father begin Journey to Asia. In 1271, Marco Polo (at seventeen years of age), his father, and his uncle set off for Asia on the series of adventures that were later documented. Read more. 1274. Marco Polo reaches Cathay and meets Kublai Khan. Marco Polo travels to Cathay (China) Marco Polo lived.

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The Polo Family. The First Europeans in China: the Silk Road’s Peak under Mongol Rule. Journey of 1000 Li. Travelers Index. Next Traveler. Teacher Section

Marco Polo was born in 1254 in the Republic of Venice. His exact date and place of birth are archivally unknown. Some historians mentioned that he was born on September 15 but that date is not endorsed by mainstream scholarship.

Marco Polo was known for the book Travels of Marco Polo where he talked about Asia. Early life. Marco Polo was born in Venice, one of the most.

Marco Polo, Netflix’s £60 million. “Our location path for the series actually traced Polo’s travel itinerary.” The crew decamped to Venice to shoot the initial scenes, and then flew to Istanbul (then Constantinople), and on to Kazakhstan.

Nicholas Lezard finds a world of pleasure in a new edition of The Travels of Marco Polo, translated by William Marsden

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power plants along the old historical route called Belt and Silk Road where in the past trade routes were opened linking China with Asia and from where economic.

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The travels of Marco Polo from Venice to Asia opened up a whole new world to Europeans. The story of his journey influenced mapmakers and.

Travels of Marco Polo by Marco Polo; 113 editions; First published in 1818; Subjects: Description and travel, Voyages and travels, History, Mongols, Early works to 1800, Chinese Inscriptions, Travel, Early maps, Travelers, Biography, Bibliography, Biblioteca civica (Padua, Italy), Illumination of books and manuscripts, Mongals, Pre-Linnean.

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Discover fascinating facts about the life of Marco Polo and his legendary travels to the Far East.

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Eight months ago, Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy didn’t know how to ride a horse, sword fight, do martial arts or use a bow and arrow. Now, after playing the title role in Netflix’s new series "Marco Polo," the 24-year-old can do all those.

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Record of his travels While imprisoned in Genoa, Marco Polo related the story of his travels to a fellow prisoner named Rusticiano, a man from Pisa, Italy, who wrote in the romantic style of thirteenth-century literature.

Learn facts about Marco Polo in this brief biography and timeline of his life story as one of the first great explorers who would influence generations.

Account of regions visited or heard of on the journey from the lesser Armenia to the Court of the Great Kaan at Chandu. (1.) Account of the Great Kaan Cublay; of his palaces and capital; his court, government, and sports. (2.) Cities and provinces visited by the traveller on one journey westward.

Leaving Niccolò’s infant son Marco behind, Niccolò and Maffeo left Venice for Constantinople, where they resided for several years. The two brothers lived in the Venetian quarter of Constantinople, where they enjoyed diplomatic immunity, political chances and tax relief because of their country’s role in establishing the Latin Empire.

who already had dared travel deep into the Mongol Empire, perhaps to Shangdu. In 1260, when Marco was six, the elder Polos set out from a merchants’ colony in the Crimea to sell jewels on the lower Volga. Six adventurous years later.

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Soon after returning to Venice, Marco Polo was captured during a sea battle with the Republic of Genoa. In jail at the age of 44, he began to recount his tales to a cellmate.

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The Travels of Marco Polo for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Experience the Travels of Marco Polo – a historical Point & click Adventure for the whole family!!

Adventures of Marco Polo — 7. Escape pt 1 (full text story. Amazo attempts.

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The historical adventure series has been renewed for a second season, which the digital platform will release in 2016. Marco Polo’s travels will continue in ten new episodes, which are due to enter production at the end of this year. Last.

Mar 15, 2015  · A conversation with John Man, who wrote a book on the explorer’s travels in China and Mongolia, a source for a recent Netflix series.

Marco Polo Presentation. and woven and metal goods. 1271-1295- Marco Polo Travels the Silk Road from Venice to Beijing and back Marco Polo visited the city of.